Who am I?

I've had a passion for computers for nearly as long as I can remember, and I have fond memories of playing around on my mom's old Macintosh Centris in my bedroom. This passion has shaped much of my life since then. I took every computer science class that was offered at my high school, and I've met many of my closest friends on the internet as a fellow computer-obsessed person. I'm currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in computer engineering, and I've also worked with DevOps and Jira administration as an intern at TDS Telecom.

In more recent years, I've begun collecting some vintage technology, particularly electronic typewriters and daisy wheel printers. There is very little information out there about them, so I'll be writing some blog posts here about these forgotten devices as well as anything else I feel like writing about. At UWM, I've also been contributing to Tom Haigh's Retrocomputing Lab, so look forward to more about that too!

My pronouns are he/they (I don't have a particular preference).


Here are some relevant links, including me on other platforms. In general, any account with the username adueppen is most likely me.

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